WiFi piggyback amplification


Our company has gotten permission from another company to share their wifi however their wifi signal is very weak and our building is some bit away. I am looking for a solution.

I am thinkning along the lines of getting a wirelss hi gain antenna for the router at the source but I also hear of wireless repeaters and wonder which is preferable? also I wonder is there any need for equipment at the destination end, somehting that allows a greater ability to hear weak signals?

Any advice?

Thanks for reading

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  1. Your best option is to use a point-to-point solution w/ business grade equipment, such as the NanoStation from Ubiquiti.


    You install these at a high point on your respective buildings to form a wireless bridge, then you run ethernet leads from each into your respective networks.

    Note, I only used the NanoStation as an example. There are many similar devices from many other sources, some bigger, some smaller, more/less powerful, etc. Just depends on what you need and how much you’re willing to pay (the Ubiquiti devices tends to be more affordable than most).
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