Need Help - Clean instal of Win8 - HDD issues

I did a clean install of Win8 but by HDD's are jacked up.

I have an ASRock Extreme 6 MOBO.

Disk 0 - this is a 3TB Seagate Barracuda
Disk 1 - Intel 180GB SSD

I installed Win8 on the SSD and all works fine except...

Disk 0 - my 3TB data only drive shows that Windows wrote a partition of 350MB as a Primary Partition and then has two other unallocated partitions (MBR) of 2047MB and 746MB

Of course Win8 won't let me delete that volume and reformat using GPT

Also of note is that the Extreme6 UEFI boot options only shows (and showed prior to installing the OS) the Optical Drive and the 3TB data drive as options...where is the SSD? The SSD shows up just fine in the storage parts of the UEFI, just not as an available boot option.

How do I get this all straight? I want only the OS related files on the SSD and a full empty 3TB data drive.

Was it simply because I plugged in the SSD in the SATA3_1 port instead of the SATA3_0 port? And if I physically switch them and start over will it fix it all?

Thanks so much in advance.

..and my bonus question is, once the above is fixed, how do I get the User(s) profile off of the SSD and on to the data drive?
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  1. I'm not sure if this is the only way but you'll have to reinstall windows (on the SSD) and the HDD should be unplugged beforehand. You can contact Microsoft about your product key, they can help you on that. After the installation is done, boot into windows, and check that everything should be working. Next, shut the system down, plug in your HDD and boot into windows as usual, then try to reformat your 3TB HDD. Hope this helps.
  2. Are you sure you installed windows on the SSD and not on the 3 TB drive? If the UEFI did not show the SSD as an option for the install, your install went onto the 3 TB drive. For an OS windows always creates a primary partition. This would explain why you cannot delete and reformat the volume. Does Disk Management show the SSD as the boot partition?. Both SATA3_1 and SATA3_0 are valid bootable ports.

    I agree with EzioAs, disconnect the SATA and power to the 3TB drive, install windows. Shut system down, connect 3TB drive and you should have no problem formatting in Disk Management or (for me anyway) in an administrative command prompt using the command diskpart.

    I don't understand the rest, your user profile is part of the OS which will leave tons of room on 180GB SSD
  3. I reinstalled again and 'magic' happened. Nothing was placed on the HD this time.

    Thanks for the responses
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