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I've found similar questions in the forum, but couldn't really find any suggestions that helped.

I've got an HP Desktop running Windows 7, another with Vista in the same room, and an HP laptop running Vista downstairs. Our linksys router is in the basement.

The 7 desktop has no issue with the wireless network, finding or staying connected. However, the two Vista systems will tend to lose their connection to the network, and even though they can still see the network/router, they are unable to connect to it. I have to unplug the router, wait a bit, and plug it back in. Once I do that, they have no problem latching back onto it. The disconnection will tend to occur when they've been idle for a while, but I think it also will happen during normal use.

I've told my wife her magnetic polarity is in opposition to that of her laptop, but she's not buying it anymore.

Any advice? Thx!
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  1. What model of Linksys? How old is it? Was it working fine before and this is only a recent problem? Can you locate the router elsewhere (I'm wondering if the problem is the router vs. the clients and if the situation might change for various clients as the router is moved)?
  2. It is a : Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router WRT400N

    I don't think this is a new issue. I think it's been happening since I replaced the old, failed router with this one. Sometime in 2011, I think.

    I can't relocate the router, as it's hooked into our cable modem at the hub where the cable enters the house.

    Nothing else has this problem - the xbox, iPhones, Nook, etc. are all fine with things.

    Now that I'm looking at the router, I see the firmware date is:
    1.0.01 B19 Dec. 24, 2008

    So, I'm guessing it couldn't hurt to try and upgrade that to start...
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