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i need an antivirus program that actually removes its self from memory when i disable it.
both norton and pc cillin have things that stay in the memory that are causing problems with other software.
(im using pc cillin or was using it 40 mins ago, i havent used norton ever since they screwed up their subscriptions/updates)

i tried disabling everything in pc cillin and then restarting, but in the task manager i could still see the client from pc cillin. i had to uninstall it completely before it would let go of RAM.

is there any quality antivirus program that will let you shut it down totally without un-installing?
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  1. Have you tried McAfee?
  2. does it remove it's self from of memory when i use the tempory disable option?
  3. That I haven't try.
  4. not under NT4 (but I only have v4.5.1 as I am at work)

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  5. i would try avg (
    it is my favorite virus system resources
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