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April 10, 2003 5:25:38 PM

quick question for all you brainy people out there...

will a 512mb dimm overclock the same as a 256mb dimm? even if its the same speed rating, cas rating, etc etc etc..
as performance for me is a much needed thing, im just wondering whether or not it would be worth slowing down (if at all i would be) my machine, just for more memory.
i will be using it for a lot of gaming and video capture when i get the hardware sorted out (anyone have any views on whats good and whats not? i was looking at pinnacle stuff, the dc10+ and the one above it.. any comments will be most welcome)
and as i have one of these new xp1700s that clock to hell and back, i want the best speed i can get from it..
i have been considering this memory lark for a lot of time and all i want is the best stuff i can aford and get because i dont want to have to fork out the more money twice when i could have got it the first time.. you guys know what i mean? also its going in a epox EP-8RDA+ motherboard and i have heard that there might be a few problems with starting it up the first time.. true?
any and every comment most welcome.. thank you to all for the help..

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong

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April 12, 2003 5:44:32 AM

Well for that kind of intensive applications you will want atleast 1 gig of ram, Which means that you will need atleast one 512 stick on your board. As for overclocking.. you may have trouble overclocking... specifically overvolting ram chips from different manufacturers and sizes... but id depends on who made your ram...

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April 12, 2003 9:05:34 AM

well im going for two sticks of corsair xms 3500 512mbs... i feel better knowing that i have the best a man can get so at least i know it wont be my ram holding me back..
i will only be trying to clock the cpu to 2ghz as it will be more than fast enough for me and if i can get anymore out of it with minimal voltage increases ie 1.5v is default and i can get it to 1.7v with minimal problems ie heat then i will and make sure i will get the most from the cpu.. i would like 2.5ghz but i think thats asking a little to much at 200fsb!
but which would be quickier, a slightly lower fsb but it being at 2.5ghz or 2.0 or 2.2ghz at 200fsb..????

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong