Okay, I have a question. I am going to get a new rig this summer and I want to do a TON of research before I do something stupid and get anoter one like I have ;)....anyways, what I want it a K7N8X deluxe board, AthalonXP 2800 and now I am looking towards memory. I know that I will get a paired set so that I don't have compataility issues (I'd rather spend more and not deal with issues) but I don't know which brand or what speed. As a matter of fact that leads to my questions:
1) What the heck is ddr400 and 333, I mean I know what they are but all I see when I buy is PC3500 and PC3700 and so on, nothing about ddr400 or 333, so what ram has what FSB speed!?
2) What brand makes more reliable memory? I have historicaly used Kingston, but from the reviews I read I will probably be better off with corsair or Geil, am I correct?
Anways, thanks in advance, and any extra suggestions/comments that would eb useful are well appreciated.
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  1. PC3700 = 466 MHz
    PC3500 = 433 MHz
    PC3200 = 400 MHz
    PC3000 = 366 MHz
    PC2700 = 333 MHz
    PC2400 = 300 MHz
    PC2100 = 266 MHz

    Corsair and Crucial are two reputable brands. Lots of people (including me) may recommend against Kingston.

    Check which memory is supported by your motherboard before you order any. Crucial has a memory selector. Plug in your motherboard, and it'll show you what should work with it.
    <A HREF="http://www.crucial.com/store/listmfgr.asp?cat=RAM" target="_new">http://www.crucial.com/store/listmfgr.asp?cat=RAM</A>

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  2. I would stay clear of kingston if you are going to pay more like you say. I can recommend corsair as i have had no trouble with the matched pairs. I started with kingston 2x512mb 2700 in my system and i had nothing but problems, i switched to 2x256mb 3200 twinx and have had no problems. I guess you mean the A7N8X deluxe board, i have the non-deluxe version and have had no problems with my current corsair ram, it is definately a good idea to do the extra research, if i had my system may have been prob free.
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