My University Allows Only Wired Connection.

I'm living in university halls, they provide internet but only wired. I need Wi-Fi for my tablet, xbox360 and Laptop. When I set-up my router(linksys E1200) the network shows a dailog box which says"requires additional...." and when i press it takes me to a webpage a university webpage where i have to login with my id and password it then downloads a software "bradford dissolver" which checks the softwares and maybe the network of my pc. and the message says you can't use internet because of external connection(or something like that). but when i use wire directly on my pc internet works but i have problem with wifi please help. i think it's because of security..
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  1. Hard to be 100% sure what the university is doing since the description is somewhat vague, but it sounds like they’re anticipating attempts to use routers on their system and using this software to prevent it. If possible, don't let it run any software on your system.

    Perhaps a better approach would be to connect your laptop as usual. That would satisfy their wired requirement. Just login normally. But now enable your laptop wireless and configure it w/ ICS to share the wired connection w/ your other wireless devices.

    As a result, it will appear to the university that your laptop is simply connected normally despite the fact you've effectively converted your laptop into a router. CAUTION: If you're forced to run any software on your laptop for verification purposes, you may have to enable ICS sharing *after* it verifies you're not using a router.
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