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Help with Word List on Backtrack 5 R2


I have a problem with Backtrack 5 R2: I cannot load any word lists.

I do everything correctly for WPA hacking, get to the final stage, and it tells me there is no directory to be found for the word lists (passwords).

Does anyone know why this may be? I am booting Backtrack from DVD on Windows 7 - it boots fine.

Is this due to me using the same console? (I cannot load anymore, and cannot access my mouse when running the boot) or is there another reason?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks.
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    if you are trying to hack some ones wpa then you are in the wrong place

    read the forum rules
  2. you do realise that using a program like backtrack to get the wpa/wep key is ilegal if it is not your own network

    you dont fully understand what you are doing because you didnt even mention the right name of tools.

    which also means that you are probably trying to break into someone else's network because you are not familiar with basic commands on linux

    admins please lock this.
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