Wireless adapter connectivity issues??

Well, I currently built A pc that I am very happy with. So, to pinch a few penny's I went with a cheap wireless adapter. I purchased the Saberent wireless-G 802.11G pci adapter, Item Code: PCI-G802. I thought how bad could it be. Well, I guess for me it is real bad. After some issues with getting it connected and picking up a signal from my router. I am having some very slow internet speeds. And I mean slow, We are talking 3 or more minutes to load a single web page. I was trying to download some drivers for updating but just for a small file the wait time is ridiculous. I am hoping it is just some options that are restricting it some how on the computer. If not I will be purchasing a usb wireless adapter here in a week or so. Is there anything I can do with this? anybody who has owned one of these? Or is it just a horrible product? :pt1cable:
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  1. No Ideas on this one? I found out a few things...1: It is most likely the cause of the drivers, but I am not 100% sure on that. I have looked around and installed more drivers then I care to count with no luck. The most recent I found being 2009 drivers. This gave me a connection, and I was happy but it was short lived. It seems that every time I get a connection and get on the internet, my screen goes blank and my pc restarts?
    I have left the pc on and used it without the internet without this problem. It seems only when I connect to the internet, a short while after it reboots. Right now I am in safe mode with networking and it is picking up 2 connections I have in my house, full signal strength, and has not rebooted. So I am clueless to what it could be. I am pulling my hair out over it, and have tried everything that I know of. Any ideas on this would be great. I know it is a cheap adapter, but it seems to work good, once it is connected and not rebooting my pc. Something has to be blocking it/causing some type of conflict maybe?
  2. FWIW, that adapter has pretty good reviews on Amazon ( http://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Wireless-802-11g-Card-PCI-G802/dp/B000UOC3QK ). I was going to suggest using the latest drivers from Sabrent, but it appears you've already done that.

    When it comes to wireless, the one variable you can't predict is your environment. Sometimes the best wireless adapters won't work well for some ppl.

    Personally, I'd suggest a wireless ethernet bridge instead of either a USB or PCI adapter. It gives you a lot more flexibility and avoids driver issues completely.

  3. Hi eibgrad, and thank you for the reply! I am using the internet now and it seems stable. I will see how long it takes for the connection to drop out, What I did was uninstall an app called Xfast LAN that was installed along with my motherboards drivers (asrock 880gm-le fx). I think that might just have been the cause for some reason. I will give it a good go and make sure. I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind and check them out just in case!
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