Need help with dell dimension 2400 ,im trying to install windows 7.

im having a hard time getting this together,i have installed windows on other pc's but since this is older its way more trouble.
anyone here a expert with these types of pc's and would have time to help??
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  1. ehh been on that page,anyone else can help?
  2. dell-maranl < you need to register with BEST OF MEDIA to represent dell in this forum.
  3. i dont think we are on the same page here o.0
  4. im not representing anything,im asking for help to get me through this installation..
  5. He was addressing someone else. You cannot see the post he is responding to, as it was removed.

    Your Dell Dimension is probably using a 32-bit CPU, so you will not be able to install 64-bit Win 7 on it. Other than that, you should be OK.
  6. there a way to post a ss of what im getting on my pc when i start it?
  7. Upload your picture to a hosting service such as photobucket, then you can.
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