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Hi, i really could use some help. I've locked myself out of my laptop ( 2nd time now) but this time, It's a bit more serious. Recently i've had some of my sons friend's going onto my laptop and looking through my file. I have some fairly serious files on that thing. And because of that, I decided to put a password on my laptop. But, alas, the password hath escaped my mind. And i've only got access to an other account, which isn't admin. I can't install anything, nor can i change any setting. I've also tried to re-install windows, and use a password reset disk, to no prevail. The reason these didn't work is due to my laptop not allowing me to change the boot order, as i cannot access the BIOS. (There is also a password on the BIOS)

Please, any help to move forward is really appreciated.


Also, if i put an external hdd could i install things on that? Or will it have to have Win7 on?
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  1. you forgot the windows password and you also forgot your bios password? wow that is unfortunate. you should contact the manufacturer of the laptop for further assistance.
  2. We can not help bypass passwords or security as we have no way to know its yours(e.g. for all we know its your sons friends posting and trying to get in). its also extremely strange to forget a password you use everyday...

    Contact the manufacturer for assistance. you WILL be required to prove proof of ownership.
  3. It is possible to remove the Windows password without booting from a CD, but I can't tell you how here, Google it. Also use Google to see if you can find a default password for your laptop, otherwise you will have to contact the maker of your laptop for assistance.
  4. Hi, thanks for the responses. The reason i've forgot the passwords is that it was my laptop for old files (basically like a safe) and i changed the password quite a while ago. And i've just recently required some of the files on the laptop.

    But again, i understand why you can't say much. And thanks again people.
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