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I am having two problems with a home built system and I am looking for some help. My first problem is that the 3 ½ floppy drive will not work. I have checked the connections to make sure all is well. I have replaced both the floppy drive and cable connecting it to the motherboard. The bios recognizes that a 3 ½ floppy drive is there and the device manager says it is working properly. My problem is that it will not recognize when a disk is placed in it. It just keeps saying, “Please insert a disk into drive A:.” The same message you would get if there were no disk inserted into the drive. The led light signifying that it is powered is always on as well, even when I am not trying to use the drive. Anyone recognize this problem and if you do how do I go about correcting it?

My second problem is that the computer will restart itself when
I choose to shut it down even if shut down, not restart, is selected. Does anyone know how I can make the machine shut down when I wish it to without it restarting or me having to pull the plug? I know it is not a terrible problem but it can be annoying. This is the first system I have built and I would like everything to operate correctly.

Thank you for your assistance on these two matters. If you need any additional information please ask and I will supply what I can.
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  1. A floppy LED light that is always on usually means that you've got the cable backwards. Have you tried flip-flopping it at the drive?

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  2. Auburn is probably right... the most likely cause of an always on drive light is the data cable connected incorrectly.

    But floppy cables are strange creatures... they have a group of twisted wires that are not in the center of the cable. This means they only work when BOTH ends are right...

    Try flipping it over at the drive as suggested... if that doesn't get it, put the drive end back and try flipping it at the motherboard.

    Also, if you want the drive to be A: it has to be on the end of the cable so that the twisted wires are between the drive and motherboard.

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  3. One other thing you might wanna check is that none of the pins on the actual drive are bent or damaged. Make sure each pin goes into each hole and nothing is bent. I've seen systems where the cable appeared to be on, but the pins were so bent they weren't even in the holes. If the light is always on, you probably have the cable on backwords.
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