Molex power wires

I was going to make or buy a fan controller, and I was wondering something. Most of the guides and examples I've seen just have the two connectors.

Which two wires do you use? This could be a stupid question, but I don't want to really hurt anything here

I'm really into wiring, but I just want to be 100% on this

It's all good ^_^
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  1. Most of fans use 12V so they use the connector with yellow wire(12V) and black wire (Ground).
  2. yellow (12v) and either of the blacks (ground)
    or alternativly the yellow (12v) with the red (5v) for 7v slower fans.

    If you connect them up wrong things wont explode, though it might damage the circutry of the fans (they are designed to spin one way only)

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  3. I just bought a Vantec Nexus NX-201 Fan speed controller.

    It has 4 3 Pin connectors on the back and 1 12v Molex connector..

    I wanted to run 7 fans off this thing...

    So..I went to a custom cable making company where I live..

    I had them make me some double molex connectors that terminate into 1 3 pin female fan connector...

    The reason I had to have them I couldn't find a connector like this anywhere...I looked all over the place and no one had anything like it..

    So..anyhow...I got the cables made..and hooked up 2 fans to 3 of the channels and 1 fan to the 4th...and it works great...

    I have total control over all my fans...except the system processor fan of course...

    Anyhow...the company I had make the cables now has a part number for if you want it...I can give you the name of the company and the part number and you can order them...


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  4. Thanks for all the info guys

    aliu42: I'd like the part number and supplier of the company you were talking about, that would be better the the taped up wires I'd make myself, :P

    It's all good ^_^
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