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Hey guys, I just finally finished building my first gaming rig, everything on it is great and really fast. However, the windows boot has now got A LOT slower. In the "Starting Windows" screen (the black one where it shows the colorful windows symbol) it now sits there for about a minute. This morning and yesterday it only took 5-10 seconds. I just built it, installed drivers, windows, ect yesterday. Once I finished with those, I made a backup image. I then loaded more programs and games on today. Then i restarted my comp and found it took A LOT longer to reboot. I restored it back to the image in case I put on a bad program or something, but it still boots slow. If you have any suggestions that would be great, cause a brand new computer with an SSD shouldn't take this long to boot...

I also installed the drivers for the MOBO from the CD, and I couldn't find any firmware update for the SSD (the software Magician that came with it said there weren't any)

It's also Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

Here is my build if it helps at all.

Thanks in advance, I really can't figure out whats going on...
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  1. You might check in BIOS and make sure the hard drive mode is still set to AHCI. When my computer did the same thing as yours, I found that it had somehow reverted back to IDE mode. I reset it to AHCI and it's been fine for the past three months.
  2. K thank you, I'll check that. What section of the bios what that be under? Sorry, first time so don't really know what AHCI is.
  3. When you first installed the SSD, you should have set the storage mode to AHCI. An SSD doesn't work well in IDE mode. I don't have an ASRock motherboard, so not sure which section in BIOS its listed in.... maybe under Storage, Hard Drive or RAID under the Advanced Configuration. Sorry I can't be of more help there. But if you installed the SSD in IDE mode, and now change it to AHCI, it is possible that you won't be able to boot into Windows at all. If that happens then you'll need to set it back to the previous.
  4. I just found it, and it was set to AHCI in both places I saw. Could it be anything else?
  5. Yeah, it's something else but I don't know what. If you installed a whole bunch of stuff, you might need to defragment the 3TB hard drive (but never defrag your SSD). Even if the hard drive is heavily fragmented, I doubt that defragging will affect the boot-up time... but your games and stuff should run more smoothly.
  6. Yeah everything runs smoothly. Just the boot up time. And I even did the system image restore, which didn't work...
  7. It's still having the same problem, does anyone have any other ideas? Any help is appreciated =)
  8. Still having the same issue, and can't find anything that would cause this. Anyone have any of suggestions?
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