How can i check the FULL specs of my RAM chip?

I know I have 512MB of DDR 333mhz ram but i want to get the EXACT details on it because i was told that there is memory that can improve gaming pc2700 or something..i dont know much about it.
Anyways, how can I check the exact detailed specs of the ram?
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  1. DDR333 is equivalent to PC2700. And for checking RAM info, there is a good freeware called CPU-Z.
  2. If you want to get into the nitty grity, you can always go to and type in the exact serial #/ID# on the DRAM chips to find out EXACTLY what they are.
  3. Ok thanks.
    So would you say the RAM I'm currently using will give me the best performance for gaming?
  4. You should be more concern on the amount and speed of memory on your graphics card than those of system memory on the mobo. Anyway, 512MB of DDR333 system RAM is fine for gaming.
  5. Ok thanks.
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