Acer laptop 5532 Problems starting windows 7

Hello, My boyfriends laptop stopped working and when we tried to restart it we chose the option which was recommended to restart it in the mode which could try and fix the problem. However when we selected this option it loads no further than the blue windows start up screen with the little leaves on it. We tried to start up windows normally and it won't let us do this either! Can anyone help please?
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  1. Ok, first you need to get the terminology a little right so that we can understand what you are doing.
    The startup options are like safe mode, command prompt, etc etc.
    You can go for ether one of the options present there namely
    Safe Mode and then to Last Know Good Configuration.

    Try the safe mode first
    Then post the result here.
    Then try the last know good configuration and post the result here.
    Try to get a glimpse of the error that it shows on the blue screen that you get, namely the exxxxxxoeeexxx kind of line that it will display.
    And post it here.

    If you manage to get into Safe mode, you can try the Acer eRecovery program and get the system back to the way it was on day one, factory defaults.
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