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I am looking for a quality produced black case for a PC I am building. I was considering some cases by Antec, but according to reviews at the cases weren't a true black. Who is a good case manufacturer? What models would you guys recommend? I am looking to send around $150 or so. Thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. This case rawks.

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  2. Yes, that is a pretty nice case. One of the nicer cases I have seen with windows. Might consider it. But I was looking for something more traditional, I don't care much for windows. I don't really see the point.

    What is the newegg address for that case with specifications and price?
  3. Well, windows are cool if you want to put a cathode ray tube (color light) inside the case to make it glow. It's purely for looks.

    You can find the exact same case without windows. I will look...I know Poobah has pretty much the same case, but without windows.

    Here's the link you asked for:

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  4. I agree, if you are interested in add lights inside your PC then windows are cool. But that doesn't interest me. Thanks for the newegg address. There was a funny review at newegg where a guy said he got laid because his girlfriend liked the case. heh

    Antec cases aren't anything special, but I like the look of the Performance II black case. Something along that line is probably more up my alley. But I'd be interested in seeing a case similar to that Kingwin without the windows.
  5. Some more options for you, including the above case with no windows (and it looks like a more spartan interior.)

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    I understand where you're coming from about not particularly wanting windows. Thing is, the case I listed at newegg has exceptional quality though-and-through, and I haven't been able to find the exact case only without windows. Hopefully, LHPoobah will come along and give you a link to where he got his.

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  6. I have good experienc with cases from Lian Li. Their cases are high quality and very easy to use.
  7. Thank you for tracking that down. Looks all right, but still isn't quite what I am after.
  8. If you like the Antec Cases, take a look at <A HREF="" target="_new">Chieftec</A>. They actually make Antec's cases and are a hell of alot cheaper. That one there is only $63 at NewEgg without a PSU. You can also get them without the windows.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Cheiftec Web Site</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Cheiftec's at NewEgg</A>
  9. Found any beige cases you like? If so, have you considered painting one? Given some relatively inexpensive supplies and a little spare time, you can make a crummy beige case into a nice, shiny black one. Done right, it can look better than cases made black in the factory.

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  10. That nice case with the windows is from Kingwin I believe.
    I too would not mind that one without the windows. There are similar cases with the acrylic front but they don't seem to have the same i/o's at the bottom
  11. Thank you for the suggestion. I had looked at some Chieftec cases similar to the Antec SOHO file server cases, but then decided I didn't want a door on the case I bought. Will take a look at what other cases Cheiftec has to offer. Cheers!
  12. No, I haven't been looking at beige cases. My search has focused on black cases because that is what I wanted. Your suggestion is very good though and a great possibility. What sort of paint would you use to paint a case? Spay paint?
  13. I strongly reccomend the SB-201 BLAAAACK aluminium case, sold under a number of different names, Atlas, Kingwin, Dynatron or Superflower.

    Its roomy without being too large, looks spiffy, anodised black outside and INSIDE, comes with 6 quiet casefans, removable motherboard tray and removable HDD rack and 4 front USB ports.
    A very sweet case indeed.

    If you want you can browse the pic's i took of my case. (the Beast of Darkness series).
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  14. Yeah, you can use typical spray paint that you get at Home Depot...or whatever kind of hardware stores in your area. Even WalMart. I like to use Krylon. Get some primer and some fine and superfine sandpaper, too.

    You can sand down whatever painted or plastic surfaces come with your case, to help get a smooth base. For any bare metal surfaces (like the back of the case), put a couple coats of primer on first. Once you get a couple of coats of paint on, use super-fine sandpaper and do a little wet-sanding between coats. After you've got enough coats on and it's smooth, you can use some rubbing compound and wax to really bring out the shine. Done right, the side of your case can be so smooth and shiny that you can use it as a mirror, ESPECIALLY black ones.

    Do all of your painting in a well-ventilated area, of course...i.e. in a garage or outside, where overspray won't hurt anything and you won't get *too* high.

    If you do it right, it will probably take several days to a week, with the waiting for coats to dry, etc. But they can really look badass when you're done. All depends on how much effort you want to put into it.

    I've got an orange and blue Auburn University themed case, myself, complete with AU case badge. Drives, back I/O panel and PCI filler plates are all painted. The whole thing.

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  15. Just one word of caution (learned the hard way)... If you go about painting a case make sure you get ENAMEL not LACQUER... Hit it with lacquer and it's gonna act like paint stripper.

    Krylon is ok, Painter's Choice is good too. Don't use the stuff from the Automotive section...

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  16. Enamel IS the way to go. Layering enamel and lacquer on top of each other does produce undesirable results.

    Anybody tried those new anodized paints put out by...hmm, Krylon or Rustoleum? One of the two. Look killer.

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  17. So where are the pics of this beast? :smile:
  18. I've got some OK pics right now. Need to get it where there's better light. Want me to e-mail em to ya?

    Took em before I had my badge. Sides need a little work, but I called it quits until the pollen calms down around here, since I'm down to doing the really smooth work.

    Don't have my big AU decal for the side yet either, but the only place I've seen the exact one I want is IN Auburn, and I'm not driving 2 hours just for the sticker, so it may wait until football season.

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  19. Toss em up on a website and post a link so we can all have a look. Everyone here loves admiring everyone's rigs.
  20. Ain't got a spot to hang em at the moment.

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  21. Hey Darnoc, have you seen Moto's review of the new (black) SuperFlower case at The Tech Zone? Is that the kind of thing you're looking for?

    Pricey, but mean looking....especially for a case named SuperFlower.

    It's even black on the inside for ya, already.

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  22. It would be cool to have the inside of the case black, especially since i'm into the whole window mod thingy.

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  23. Yes, the black interior to my atlas/superflower is a nice touch.

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  24. I just bought an Enermax CS-10181-B...

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    This case has room for 7 count em...7's's roomy...easy to work in..I could go on and on...

    Tom's did a review that included this case as well...they reviewed the the black/silver version...but it's the same case...

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    And is SOLID black...

    Just my 2 cents though..


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  25. Thank you for the recommendation. I like the look of that case and the fact that one optical drive is accessible even with the door closed. Too bad doesn't have it in sctock. $66 is a very resonable price. What power supply unit did you put in your system?
  26. No, I haven't seen that. What is the URL?
  27. Just go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. It's one of the first several items on their front page. I can't get you the exact link from work because they clamped down on our access to that site. Damn network nazis. Guess I went to "The Babes of TTZ" forum one too many times.

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  28. I just got a GMC Noblesse. Its a mid tower but roomy.

    Here's a link.

    No windows, but the door and the secret front panel are way cool. :)
  29. If you want a high quality pimp case, get a Thermaltake Xaser III V1000+ (V1000A has a window) Black edition at <A HREF="" target="_new">Xaser III Cases</A>though they do not sell them. Search <A HREF="" target="_new">Pricewatch</A> for it. I got the V2000A Aluminum with window, and it has MAD airflow and it kicks ass.

    eBay, kick ass!

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  30. Here is the same case by Enermax without the temp monitor and flash. Find it here.[/url.]

    eBay, kick ass!

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