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I am running windows 7 and had temporary norton subscription. The temp subscription just expired and since it expired, I am no longer able to access any secure websites. Does anyone have a clue as to why this happened and what I need to do to repair this issue. I can't log into banking, email, Facebook, or anything that is secure but I am able to access ALL other websites.
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  1. Install Microsoft Security Essentials and MalwareBytes and scan with both these programs, if it is not that then try installing Chrome or Firefox. These are much better browsers in the long run!
    Can I ask has your home page seemed to have changed without you changing it?
  2. did you make any chages to the firewall, maybe somthing to do with outgoing connection on port 443?
  3. Cookies may have been disabled or blocked. Go to internet options > Privacy > Click on default settings.
  4. My guess is it's norton being a drama queen. I'd uninstall Norton and get Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Also, switch to firefox/chrome with Ad Block Plus. Alot of viruses come from adds these days.
  5. i'd recommend running norton removal tool which can be found on symantecs website or major geeks website. Also make sure your time is set correctly. another reason why you would not be able to access secure sites.
  6. This may sound like an odd request but if you could please check to make sure that the time and date are correct in the lower right hand side of your desktop.
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