Regedit will not open

I have a fresh installation of windows 7 ultimate edition 64 bit,
sometimes regedit will not run..
I click and nothing happens. Cant start it from 'run' either.
no window, no error message, no in task manager after trying to start regedit.
If I then reboot it magically works again...but after some time it wont start again (im not doing any changes)..
Im 100% sure im virus free

any ideas?

EDIT : I forgot to mention that the UAC kicks in when starting regedit. (I have to click yes, but then nothing happens)

i7 920, asus p6t se motherboard, 6 gb ocz ram, 1tb sata ahci drive, radeon 4670 gpu
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  1. it's regedit.exe
    from the run command it doesn't even need the .exe

    100% sure you're virus free? running anti-virus?
  2. I start RegEdit by clicking the "Start" button, typing "RegEdit" in the search box, then hitting "Enter" (this works because the RegEdit.exe program is the one highlighted in the start menu after typing "RegEdit").

    It doesn't give me a UAC prompt. I normally run in an unprivileged account, so I get errors if I try to modify protected registry keys or values. I need to right-click on the RegEdit.exe menu entry and select "Run as Administrator" if I want to modify protected information.
  3. I create tutorials on how to fix errors using the registry, but some people tell me that they are unable to open the registry for some reason. They have tried typing regedit into the search under start to no avail. Please notify me if there is a fix for this error.
  4. ok i can't fix your problem Fixhacker540 but i can show show you somewhere else go to computer/C:/Windows then in the search box under the x button type regedit in it
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