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Hi to everybody.

I recently buy a new keyboard (Logitech) for my old K6-2, which only have old keyboard connection. I use an adapter to PS/2 so I can plug it.

But the computer doesn't recognise it. Curiously, if I start with my old keyboard and AFTER booting, during Windows loading, I change to the new keyboard, it works perfectly. It even recognises the new one after one or two restarts, but then again it fails and I have to do the trick again (and as you guess it's quite annoying).

I don't thing it's a bad connection due to adapter, because then it shouldn't work when I switched after booting, and it works perfect.

I already installed the driver and utilities, so this is not the reason, IMO.

Ideas? Suggestions? I'm almost sure it's something quite stupid and easy, but I don't know what. Thanks for your advice!

Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
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  1. Some time ago there was a switch in keyboards between the XT and AT standards. If your system is XT standard (big connector) you will run into problems like this... I would suggest you take it back and make sure you get one that specifies XT/AT/ATX compatibility.

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  2. No, there are no K6-2 boards on the XT standard. PS/2 has the same pin arrangement as AT, his board is AT, so the only problem I can see is that he might have a bad PS/2 to AT adapter.

    AT uses the big connector also.

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