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  1. paulo fivawo said:

    You have to purchase it (Licensed product)
  2. here are some download links:
    ms office 2010 trial:
    office 365 trial:
    you won't find help with free full version, if that is what you're looking for. we don't provide help with piracy. you have to buy the full version from a seller. helping piracy is against forum rules:
    and you're welcome. :)
  3. If you want a complete and free office suite, use OpenOffice or Google Documents.
    Microsoft office is not a free product and you will need to purchase a license key to use it.
  4. ^^ +1!
    free office suites like, libreoffice are free and fully featured. moreover, you won't have to face hassle like serials/keys/activation etc. i've used both libreoffice and openoffice, both are great. viva freeware! :)
    libreoffice windows version download link:
    just in case, recently changed its name to apacheopenoffice. site address is still same though.
  5. I would go for libreoffice IMO.
  6. i accepet your propajal.
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