How good is Corsair??

First of all, I'm not knocking anyone or anything here, its just a question... how much better is corsair memory? it seems to be around double the price of some other types, is it worth getting half the 256MB of corsair instead of 512MB of "regular" DDR333? I was just interested to find out.
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  1. Corsair has one of the best (if not THE best) reputations for memory out there.

    Save up a few more bucks and get 512MB of the good stuff.

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  2. Corsair is great... but if your not interested in oveclocking then i say go with crucial or samsung and save some money :)

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  3. Even if you are not going to overclock at all, shoot for Cas2 Low Latency XMS Corsair, theres a big performance difference between Cas2 and 2.5 or 3.

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  4. I understand that its really good, do any of you guys know of any benchies that show how much better? How much would 512MB of Cas2 LL XMS Corsair set me back? thanks for the replies.. This has been bugging me for quite a while.
  5. Crucial though is still descent.. you can run those modules at cas 2.0 at their rated speeds with no problems... Once again this braks down if you intend to overclock, at which point you should go with corsair...

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  6. Looks like the price varies a little bit depending on what heat spreaders you get with it, etc.

    Jump on and check it out.

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  7. You sure?... From what i've seen both type of heat spreaders cost the same...

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  8. Pretty damn sure. Check it out on the link for Corsair XMS at newegg below, like the ones that are 71 and 73 bucks. They're the same except one has "silver heat spreaders", the other has "silver-platinum heat spreaders". Both have specs of:

    256MB 32MX64 PC-2700LL With Heat Spreaders.
    Speed 333 MHz
    Organization 32M x 64
    CAS Latency 2-2-2-5-T1
    Memory type DDR
    Part number: CMX256A-2700LL

    …except the silver has CMX256A-2700LL as the part number and the silver platinum has a "PT" on the end of that.

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    Let me know if I'm missing something....

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  9. IC... weird I got the platinum kind because it costs the same here
    But maybe because it's in CDN dollars the prices don't corrolate...

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