Hard drive recovery

When upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 , one of my partitions is not visible. This stores lot of photoshop tutorials , songs , videos and ebooks.

Will I ever be able to get them back ? Please help
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  1. click start
    right click computer
    click manage

    from there click onto disk management in the left pane.

    find the partition and assign it a letter.
  2. should have done it properly in the first place - upgrades are rubbish, you should have backed up your data and wiped the hdd and started fresh.
  3. OK, that is fine but what shall I do now. Its very urgent because I have to complete my project.

    Sorry to say but mi1ez's idea was not working .

    Help please......
  4. well you can do a search in your computer for the information, in any windows explorer page( not internet explore) at the top on right there is a box that says search libraries, highlight Computer in the left pane under you user name and type the name of the file you are searching for, hit Enter, good luck
  5. Could you not find the partition in disk management?

    What size is your HDD? what size is your C: partition coming up in disk management?
  6. if you put in the boot disk and go to installation setup. do you see the partition, if you do you can use bart PE to recover files from that partition, or use a software tool @ recovermydata.com it's great software.
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