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Dear community!
(Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I didn't know where to post it exactly)

I just bought an ASUS Radeon HD3450 (512 MB AGP) vga card, which is able to play hd videos ( in my case especially mkv decoded ones) on even older systems like mine;
(Athlon XP 2500+ 1,83 GHz - 1,5 GB RAM)

I'm running Windows 7 and after installing every needed thing, I came to the following state:
The videos play absolutely fine in Windows Media Player (even 1080p), but I am totally unable to put in any subtitles for the videos (especially .ass).
But if I use VLC Media Player, then the gpu acceleration does not work for some unknown reason.
So in short it's either no subtitle or laggy videos.

I tried (almost?) everything;
Messing with every setting in VLC (ofcourse GPU-accelerated decoding enabled)
CCCP codec pack, K-Lite codec pack, win7codecs from shark007,
media player classic doesn't accelerate, gom media player either, bsplayer neither,
XBMC will not run at all (didn't run in Win XP either),
also installed DirectVobSub for Windows Media Player, but there are still no subs - (ofc. I enabled them in settings and changed the subtitle name to the same as the movie files name). In this case there isn't a system tray icon for vobsub either, maybe if I could bring that up somehow - I could make the subs visible?

Please help me out, I'm almost starting to tear my hair out. :)

Thank you for the answers and suggestions in advance!
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  1. Are your drivers up to date? or as up to date as you can get them?

    Here is my personal setup that works with all videos I've tried, MPC:HC + CCCP (a while back I was using MPC + FFDSHOW and Matroska MKV splitter I think)

    And I'm not calling you wrong but I coulda sworn MPC had GPU accel.

    Are you using AMDs codec pack or whatever they call it?

    At worst you could just hard code the subs in.

    Edit: something else to try in MPC, right click, options, playback, output, tick EVR custom pres
  2. Yes, for my gpu I have the latest driver 12.4 AGP hotfix (screen freezes sometimes and popup says something about "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered", but that's another different problem for tomorrow)
    Everything else was updated via Windows 7 update center.

    Yes I do use AMDs "Accelerated Video Transcoding". I guess without it, it wouldn't work in Windows Media Player either.
    For wmplayer.exe the CPU usage is only around 30~50%, but for VLC its always around 100%.

    I checked it for MPC too, it's the same as for VLC, even if there is an option to make it use gpu acceleration, it simply won't work somehow. The only player that works is WMP.

    There must be another option than hardsubbing.
  3. Not sure man, I don't know all that much about media related affairs, gonna have to wait for someone else to chime in :/
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