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Since when has it been hard to format a hard drive. My girlfriend has XP on her hard drive and she wants me to format it but for some reason my Windows 98 disk will not perform the format. It gives me a "Formatting Hard Drive Error" or something. Oh, and I ran scandisk and repaired something wrong with the hard disk and now the volume label is somethin really messed up with a capital "R" and then some messed up looking characters that sort of looks like an "i" with two dots on top. So since the volume label is messed up it means I can't delete the partition using fdisk. OY! Someone help me get this stupid drive formatted. That's all I want

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  1. You don't need fdisk with XP, just insert the disc and boot up off of it and follow the directions.

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  2. Ah yes, that would work great, but guess what, I do not have the full version of XP, only the upgrade so there are no boot options. That's why I'm attempting to get 98 on there. Thanks for helping though.

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  3. Go get a disk utility from the hard drive manufacturer, expand it on a floppy disk, and zero out the hard drive with a low level format. Then you'll be able to repartition the drive and format normally.


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  4. TOEJAM is right
  5. Again!


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  6. The XP upgrade CD is bootable... at least it booted on the one machine I used it on...

    But yes, Toe is right... might be the only way of fixing it now.

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