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Newbie DJ help! Crown + JBL MP225 + 255S good?

Last response: in Home Audio
March 15, 2005 2:32:36 AM

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Hello there,

I DJ-ed for about 1 year, using very primitive equipment, for small
house parties, and that was about 7 years ago (from 2005).

Now I decided to start again but with a relatively more serious
stuff... I have been looking here and there in the internet in order to
put together a PA system, which would be powerful enough for indoors,
600 people, yet with very high quality sound!! I am a perfectionist and
quality matters very much to me. Also, I am a newbie to this and I need
some professional help.

[Music used for: Hip-Hop, Rock, Techno, Jazz]

I have finally came up with this (investing no more than $4k.)
I am thinking to get:
- Tow Crown CE2000 or Tow Crest Pro 6001 amps (I am not sure which one
to go with)
- A pair of JBL MP225 500w speakers
- A pair of JBL MPro 255S 500w Subs (Crossover needed? I don't know.)

With this configuration I am worried that I will run out of highs. I
was thinking about a pair of JBL SR4732X Three-Way, instead of the
MP225 speakers for more highs, but those speakers will exceed my

I am in need of some professional advice to make my decision. Please, I
would appreciate any of your experienced/professional advice, opinions.
Also, tell me if there is any other alternative I can go with to
produce the same or higher quality/power to satisfy myself and an
indoor crowd of about 600 people, while not above $4k budget.

Thanks to all


PS: I would really like to know where these brands (Behringer,
Turbosound, JBL, Gemini, Cerwin, Mackie, Peavey, Phonic, EAW, Bose)
stand in terms of PA Speakers/Amps/Subs for a mobile DJ use? I mean
which one is the best and which one is the worst for DJs? Which ones
fit and which ones don't for this kind of applications?
December 3, 2009 3:52:33 PM

I have used them all I currently run system with 2 Peavey Sp2 speakers and 2 Peavey 18 bass bottoms with QSC amps and will put it up against anyone It kicks and have been told it is one of the best systems around

I also have a back up system with Behringer 2442 board, 2 Behringer EP2500 power amps, pair of JBL 215 speakers, 1 JBL MP255s Bass cabinet, Monster Pro power supply, BBe Sonic Maximizer (brand new), Apex 204 Aural Exciter(brand new),DBX Drive Rack PA and all enclosed in flight cases This was my back up system and it was right there with my main system and I would put it up as well. Used very little 6 to 10 times at most. But I have rescued 6 Arabian horses and have some health issues and I am selling this system. It has speaker stands etc. In like new condition. Never had problem with nocking down the walls used it a couple of times playing Jr. High dances and it KICKED. I also can throw in couple of light stands and lights. Selling it all fo $2200.00 Price a new one this does and will do the job. JBL speaker system alone is killer Call if interestes ask for Bill at 260 701-0162 It will go fast as I just put it up today.
The horses are my priority and I am buying a small farm to keep them and need to convert the pole barn and add horse stalls

Just to answer your question In my opinion Peavey is one of the best have never had issue with there equipment and have been using it over 25 years
behringer gets a bad rap as well and have never had one issue with their produst as well
Hope this helps and good luck