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I am very technologically inept, so bare with me. A while ago I got an external hard drive. It is one terabyte(I do know that is plenty of space). I moved all of my files to the hard drive. My computer is still telling me that I have low disk space and drive C is full. I am getting very annoyed due to the fact that I have been unable to use my computer for a year or so now. On a regular basis I clear history, defrag, scan, and do updates. I have a feeling I have a virus that is hidden or my computer is being very temperamental and hiding files. Please Help!
Thank you!
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  1. could be a faulty program making huge log files

    had it once with avg every time i deleted stuff it just increased the size of the log file to fill up c drive again

    either manually browse including hidden files and system files to find the largest files and see what they


    or use software to do it--this may help--free for 30 days


    or this software

  2. you may have done a copy of the files not a move of the files. if you did a copy there still be the first files on drive c. what i would do is uninstall your older anti virus and use mse/avast/avg and then run malware bytes anti malware scan if both drives are fine look on the ext drive and look at your files that are on drive C: if there the same personal files and music you can slowly delete the files on c drive. just make sure the files on d are files and not links. after you move and clean up your personal files. if you still need room look into moving games and programs you dont use a lot and that speed is not an issue.
  3. Well, if you have all the important files backed up, the easiest thing for you would be format/install fresh copy of your OS assuming that this is not a hardware problem and you have the OS disk to do it.
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