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Just wanna ask, anybody else out there seen a lot of bad Sony head units? (aka PA's, Receivers). Being the tech head of the friends & family, I am always the one to get called when things go wrong...and every Sony receiver or amp that someone I know has purchased has blown it within a short amount of time. Granted, some MAY have been abused by teenage children, most where operated by noise hating old farts, just to hear their movies in surround or their Johnny Branson (hell if I know those silly names).

What's with these things? It's been a noticed problem now for a good 3 years. They were quite the pioneers in the optical arena, but their amps are just pathetic. For example, a friend, Dan, and a brother, Tom, have both been through THREE surround receivers from Sony. I checked their wiring, and they did nothing wrong there (even double checked the manual to be sure there weren't any odd methods required - don't tell anyone I read a manual!), and neither of them had any kind of abusive usage occuring. Anybody else seeing/getting a lot of Sony junk as such?

wonder if there's a consumer report on these products...

STUPID = PEEK 420, 255
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  1. Sony == good egineers, but bad workmanship
    i've opened many of their products (ex: hundreds of their newer flat screen tvs) and their soldering is just embarrassing, never mind the rest.
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