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I live in an apartment complex where we have to provide our own wireless connections. The only router I had was my Linksys WRT54G from about 2004. The connection is unbearably slow half the time. It's so slow that I have trouble buffering simple youtube videos at 340p. I've updated the firmware on the router recently. Could this be an issue with my router because it's old? Or is this an issue with my connection at my apartment complex. Thanks
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  1. Plug into a wired port on the router. If it still works poorly it is likely a ISP problem. Otherwise you have a wireless issue. It is not a age thing. You should in theory be able to get 54m running 802.11g to your router which is far more than even the highest res video stream. Wireless issues would be more likely to be interference or something like that rather than just a old router. 802.11n does tolerate interference better but it still has issues if your problem is too many neighbors trying to use the same radio channels
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