Bluescreens, Program Crashes, and Failing Services

Hi, all.

I've recently put together a new computer, and it has been working well for the past 2 or 3 months. Starting a week or two ago, it has been randomly restarting when I'm not around. I finally caught it, and it shows an error about Windows Power Service having been terminated, and a restart being required.

Things were fine for a while after, until I got a BSoD out of nowhere while playing a game. Since then Steam and Skype have been randomly crashing, and I've been receiving similar errors to the Power Service error, one about the Sound Services, and one about Dcom Server Process Launcher, each of which forced a bluescreen and crash.

The sound manager error and crash happened when I realized I no longer had sound, and tried to adjust the volume, and the Dcom error happened when I tried to run a chkdsk on my Secondary Drive after completing one on my Primary SSD.

I tried running malware scans and combofix, as well as using system restore, with no results. Aside from all of these crashes, everything seems to be performing up to snuff speed-wise. I figured since so many windows services are involved, I figured it might be windows that is freaking out on me, and hopefully not a hardware issue. Any thoughts?

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Asus Sabretooth x58
Intel i7 950 3.06Ghz
Corsair XMS3 1333 (3 x 2GB)
EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 550ti
Corsair Force Series 3 60GB SSD (OS)
Samsung Spinpoint 7200rpm 1TB HDD
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  1. Could be a lot of things, but some ideas to check:

    - Make sure all drivers are up to date - check Device Manager - check Audio subsystem here....uninstall & re-install all audio drivers

    - Check your cpu and gpu temps at idle and under load - look for anything out of spec. If cpu too high your thermal paste, for example, may need looked at.

    - Have you overclocked? - try lowering the overclock a bit at a time.

    - Have a carefull check inside case - anything not right?

    - installed new software or hardware recently?

    - Does the pc idle ok? there anything odd running in the background that shouldn't be - see Task Manager & e.g. Procmon

    - Windows up to date?
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