Can someone know my identity?

I had a temporary problem with my internet provider so I was using a free (unsecured, password free) network of my neighborhood for about a month. Today I got my new router and changed my SSID to a name that is pretty uncommon. A few hours later I noticed that the network I had logged in to the last month changed its SSID name to the same uncommon name I did. Is it possible that somebody who was also using the free network hacked my computer over the network and just wants to make some sort of sick joke or is it more likely that he found the name of my SSID amusing and changed the network to the same name?
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  1. Hard to say, but I would download the free wireless analyzer INSSIDER, install to a computer with wireless and have a look at the wireless signals by SSID, radio channel, and signal strength.
  2. This is a standard "feature" on some commercial platforms. It is used to prevent rogue AP in your network. Some system automatically add any SSID they see.

    My brother used to do this manually to prevent the stepson from connecting to anyone else AP, his had child filters on his and the kid wanted to get around it. Since the signal in each house is always the strongest you will always connect to yours. It should cause no problem for you since yours is stronger and it will allow him to prevent anyone in his house from connecting to you since his is stronger in his house. The problem comes when the signal from the correct AP is not strongest in the correct house.
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