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Are there any formats that digital coax doesnt support or doesnt transfer sound as well as digital optical cables ? (say in a audigy 2 setup with logitech Z-680s).

In terms of mp3 playback (192kbps+) are there any differences? And PC gaming (EAX advanced hd performance/clarity, etc).

Thanks :P
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  1. no, They say that for long stretchs of wire technically its better to use the coax because the digital can lose signal strength over long distances like 20*feet, but I havent met anyone yet who has said they could hear a differece.
  2. Average human ear won't find any difference between coax and optical. Some hifi buffs claim that coax transmission is better in sound quality, but I think that's more on personal preference than fact.
  3. If the cables aren't built 'inherently wrong', there will be NO difference between the two digital standards (coaxial and optical) in terms of sound quality. The only thing is that optical is supposedly less prone to outside interference but for longer connections and especially if the cables are going to be bent a lot, coaxial would be better.
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