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Is there such a case that can normally fit a 120mm fan. I imagine they are out there - just more expensive. I would like to keep noise down but obviously not at the expense of too much cooling. Do you think 5 vantec stealth fans would give enough cooling? (too expensive to actually do but in theory)
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  1. Even 2 or 4 good placed quiet fans can give you enough airflow.

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  2. If you are decent with drill and a fine toothed saw, (Hacksaw, recipricating, etc.) then you can cut out holes in you side panel and/or top of your case if there is room.

    You can use a CD a template. They are 120mm in diameter.

    Use the drill to cut a hole large enough for the saw to fit into and then cut out the circle. Clean off the edges with a file and sandpaper. Put the fan over the 120mm hole so you can mark the screw holes. Drill the screw holes. Attach the fan. Plug it in. Bingo. A case with one or multiple 120mm fans.

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  3. the cases that cost 54 dollars have a space for a 120mm fan in the front and two 80 mm fans in the back.
    i doubt you will find a case with a 120 mm fan in the back. unless it were a super tower with a cutout where a second power supply is supposed to go.

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  4. actually, the antec slk3700amb comes with a rear 120mm fan, and will take one on the front
  5. Quote:
    You can use a CD a template. They are 120mm in diameter.

    Oh wow! I never noticed. Have to remember that one. :wink:

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  6. Thanks BUM,

    Now I know where to put my 120mm Pabst Fan I took off of a dead server. Nifty idea with the CD.

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