I need an audio drive for my asus p5pe-vm windows7. where can i find one?thanks!

god bless!
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  1. just use your asus p5pe-vm disc. Open disc, go to drivers, right click audio, go to win kk file, go to setup, right click, go to properties, when file opens click compatibility file, check open with win xp service pack 3. Click allow. close, then right click set up again as administrator. Boom, it will set up your Sound Max Audio files to your new windows 7 OS. Don't fret, it works, i've done it so many times. My problem is that my ASUS motherboard and graphics card is too slow for WIN 7 i'm gonna have to upgrade my whole motherboard. I tried up grading my graphics card but it stuttered my games and streaming videos too much i couldn't stand it. Good luck to you.
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