audigy 2 regular or oem?

is there a difference in sound quality between the audigy oem and audigy 2 retail beside the gold and plastic connectors? I want to save $50 going for the oem since I'm not a gamer. I don't need any game that bundle with the retail version.

by the way, I currently own a live 5.1 card. is there a significant improve when switch to audigy 2?

Please give your comment if your own a audigy 2 oem or audigy 2 retail card

thank you
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  1. Im not sure since im not a real audiophil but my guess is no, and the sound quality is probably neglible between the two. After all both m-audio revolution 7.1 and DMX 6Fire both sound better than the Audigy 2 in terms of music reproduction, and both of them have plastic analog outs.
  2. The Audigy 2 OEM and retail sound card is about the same. There is no difference between sound quality.
  3. There's absolutely no difference between the OEM, retail or Platinum versions of Audigy2. They all use the same processor and the same DAC.

    Yes, the difference between a Live! 5.1 and an Audigy2 will be HUGE (if you're going to use analog output). Audigy2 is a much better sound card than Live! 5.1 or the Audigy.
  4. I cant agree more, Audigy 2 is certainly better than Live! 5.1. But surely gold connectors must affect the sound quality. But then again it is only effective if your speakers are gold connectors. Its not worth getting gold connectors if the speakers are silver. Yes I am an audiophille and the gold connectors make a difference. I know it sounds like a marketing gimmic but the final result is better clarity and slightly louder.

    If your worried about trying to plug your speakers into the sound card and fear its going to be a hit-and-miss affair then there is a set up poster included with the gold connector version although the documentation is rather brief.

    In a nutshell - want best audio quality and have speakers with gold connectors - go for the Audigy 2 with Gold Connectors. However if your speakers have silver connectors then save yourself some money and get the Plastic ones.

    Just cos I am a semi skinhead it does not mean that I am a semi PC Guru. I am 25% PC Guru, 15% Thug and 10% Alcoholic!!!
  5. Sorry but you are COMPLETELY wrong there with gold and silver connectors. First of all, there are no 'silver' connectors; they're just ordinary metal. Second, gold connectors aren't there because of better quality but because they are long lasting. They are less prone to losing their connectivity in the long run. Actually, this [non-]problem in ordinary connectors can be taken care of very easily by disconnecting them from time to time.

    Sorry but even audiophile magazines don't pretend that gold connectors are better for sound quality and/or they're louder than ordinary ones. These are magazines that compare the sonic performance of digital cables (which is stupid) but even then they never quote better sound from gold connectors.
  6. i had to agree with r2k.
    mr.audiophile, marshahu, why dont you by f.e. EGO-SYS or Terratec or M-Audio sound card instead of having "gold" connectors on audigy2? A real audiophile will do. Even on PC.
    The question 2 r2k:
    You have an OEM card named SB0240 or SB0244? (you know that in case of Live 5.1 cards, SB0100 do have much better electronics than SB0220) So if it will be so with audigy, i`d better find SB0240.. Could you post here the markings on Audigy2 chip, Sigmatel codec, Crystal chip and Phillips ADC.
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