Windows 7 fresh install on brand new laptop (windows cannot install...

Hello, my friend just bough a brand new hp pavilion g6 laptop. We swapped out the hd for a, also brand new, ssd. OCZ 128gb vertex 4.

When I tried installing, the installation stops at "expanding files: windows cannot install required files. make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation error code : 0x8007045D." I've been googling for the past hour and haven't found any solutions.

I've tried deleting and recreating the partition and even booting in to ubuntu and manually creating a partition.

Could this be a driver or compatibility issue between the laptop and ssd?

Should I update the ssd firmware (i've got it ready on a disk, but am only willing as a last resort seeing as it will probably void the warranty.)

I was thinking it might just be corrupt files on the ssd from the initial windows7 installation, and I'm assuming that deleting the partition doesn't actually delete the files. Is there a manual way to delete the temporary files/folders etc?

Any ideas and input would be appreciated.

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  1. Did u use original Win installation disk?
    Did u check the disk is in good condition or the optical drive?

    Or u can use the USB Drive/flash disk to install from there if u had bad optical drive....

    the problem seem the data became unavailable during installation. mostly because bad disk.....
  2. I've already tried installing from a usb drive and i've tried my dad's windows 7 disk as well. Still same error every time.

    When it starts "copying files" finishes in 1 second, which means there are probably temporary files stored on the ssd already. Any way of deleting those so it can actually install fresh?

    Otherwise I'm completely stumped on this.
  3. Hi

    Have you run any diagnostic software on the new SSD to check it is OK ?
    You could use esata or a sata 2.5" usb tray or a desktop PC spare sata connection to access the SSD

    Western Digital produce windows diagnostics which works on most brands of hard disk,
    OCZ probably has its own diagnostics software
    Do not update firmware until ssd tested and if update is recommended by OCZ

    When I updated from Hard disk to SSD I cleaned up the Hard Disk first
    (chkdsk, delete system restore points , empty recycle bin, run CCleaner etc)
    Then I duplicated the partitions to SSD.
    There maybe problems if the SSD is smaller than the hard disk. ( I went from 80GB to 120 GB)
    There are programs which can copy files to a smaller partition.

    Also most modern laptops have a recovery disk builder producing 2 or 3 DVD's this will have specific drivers for the hardware

    best of luck

    Mike Barnes
  4. 128gb is nor really a large volume, Windows 7 needs much space for vitual visualizations not saying it can't be done but the original hdd would have been at least 500gb.

    Some laptops don't take kindly to SSD and there might be an option in the bios tab about AHCI/IDE so select AHCI for best results.
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