I recently brought an WD 80Gig HDD with an 8meg cache on ebay but I'm worried that it may not be the 8meg cache version. Is there anyway I can find out the complete specs of my HDD cause I have sandra sis but when I look on the diag the is no info on the amount of cahe I have. so if anybody can reccomed any software,website,physcic,anything that would help me would be GREATLY appreciated
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  1. i'm not sure about this becasue i don't have one.

    but i would have thought the best way to find out is by looking on the HDD itself at the label on it.

    it may list a serial number that you can go and check against the records at the website. (seagate can return information about a drive just from the serial number that it reads through the internet)

    anyway i would have thought that would be the best way to find out. NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED.

  2. Yes, just look for the model number which should be shown on the label. If the model no. ends with "JB", eg. WD800JB, then it's an 8MB cache HDD.
  3. Under device manager you'll see the model number as JB. That's not to say that they're packaging 2MB cache drives as JB drives, but I would think someone would have said something by now. These drives have been out for a while.

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