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I have a huge archive of family photo albums (about 50 full albums) which i would like to turn digital.

so what i'm looking for is a good solid scanner, with a Feeder option,
which means i want to put 50 - 100 pictures in the scanner, press play, and come back after 20 minutes, with all the files sitting on my hard drive, ready for storing on cd. no more of that "one at a time" scanning.

could you guys recommend a good scanner that does this?
I don't even mind buying one of those scanners/printers/fax machines all in one things, since i'm also looking for a good printer...
oh, and could it be cheap?


~ forgive my stupid questions ~
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  1. hp OfficeJet 5510 Color All-in-One Printer, Print/Copy/Scan/Fax 197.99
    automatic document feeder
    fax, scan and copy up to 20 pages while you attend to other matters

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