Cant open any programs probably virus what do i do windows 8

I bought a gateway laptop that came with windows 8 and its been working fine until this morning, i woke up and tried to use it but no programs would work when i click on them, they wouldn't open or load, this is including the internet, system restore, safe mode, and settings, pretty much everything. The only thing i am able to open is my hard drive in my computer.I don't know if its malware or not but the computer seems slower and when i tried to open system restore management app it said not responding and just showed background red color so i had to turn off and on again. I don't know what to do anymore seeing as i cant open up anything including my antivirus program. i have a usb drive so i can download something from this computer which is xp if that helps out at all, i tried using usb drive but it freezes when i try to open up a file, after trying almost everything which isnt much because i cant open anything, anyone know if i can restore to factory settings i dont care if i lose all my files its an ne51b16u gateway laptop came with windows 8 thanks
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  1. Don't wast to much time on it. It should be still under warranty, so just rma it. It sounds like it's a problem with the disk tough.
  2. only thing is i didnt get warranty which was stupid unless you think it might still be covered by frys electronics return policy?
  3. Right click on the hard drive in explorer, goto properties / tools and run the error check. That needs a reboot on the c drive.
  4. i just tried but when i went to the drive and tried to click properties it said its not responding and from there it is pretty much frozen only thing i can do is moves the mouse around
  5. That all sounds like the disk is almost dead.
  6. I just ran into the same issue. I used my phone to search for a solution online. I did several things that didn't work, but I think I might have it but I'm loosing all my files. I shut it down a few days because it began starting into a blank screen once I typed in my password. While starting I put it in airplane mode, it opened to my desktop but wouldn't allow me to open any programs. I clrl+alt+del to get to task manager so I could open the recovery utility. I had tried all the other options and they would get so far and quit. This time, I did the full system restore. Its proccesing now so we will see... It has gotten farther so far than any other time... BTW, stay away from Staples..
  7. Try to restart your laptop and while restarting, keep pressing F8 until you see Advanced Boot Options and select "Safe Mode with Networking."


    For Windows 8: Open Charms Menu and click settings and click Power. Hold Shift and click Restart. You will see 3 options. Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart > Press 5 to Enable Safe Mode with Networking

    Your laptop needs to be reformatted and backed up. But if you need to use your laptop urgently, you can try my advise above and you can browse, open files, etc.

    Hope this helps!
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