32bit Vista to 64bit Windows 7?

I am looking to get more RAM (currently at 4gb, want to go to 8) but if I understand correctly 32bit OS only supports max 4gb. I want to knowwhat are my options. Can I upgrade a 32bit Vista to a 64bit Windows 7?
If i have to buy a retail version of Windows 7 is the large amount of money I have to pay worth it?
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  1. You can get the OEM version for $99.


    It will be tied to one motherboard where as a full retail copy can be put on as many computers as you want as long as it's one at a time.
  2. you cannot "upgrade" and save your settings/data like a normal upgrade. 32-bit to 64-bit requires a complete reinstall. you can use a winfows 7 upgrade license though.

    normally windows licenses are good for both 64 bit and 32 so if you wanted you could get your hands on a vista 64bit disk and try and install that and see if it will activate with your key. Microsoft used to provide the 64 bit disk for a few bucks but I doubt they do for vista anymore
  3. 32 bit versions of Windows are limited for marketing purposes. The operating system is perfectly capable of handling more than 4GB of physical memory thanks to the inclusion of Physical Address Extension (PAE) but applications that are not PAE aware will be unable to address a virtual address space greater than 4GB.

    There are several solutions available:

    1. Install the consumer preview of Windows 8 and use it for free. Please note that application support is still immature. I am not sure how long the consumer preview will be available for but it may be around until the official release of Windows 8.

    2. Install a patch which enables the remapping of RAM in 32bit consumer versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Server versions have this enabled by default). This will allow Windows to use the entire 4GB of RAM that you have right now and also will allow you to install more. Please keep in mind that some driver compatibility issues have been reported.

    3. Download and Install Windows 7. You can use it for free without a licence key for 30 days. After the 30 day trial has expired you can rearm it 3 more times for a total trial duration of 120 days. After this you must purchase or remove the software.

    You can get the trial download here:


    If you go with option 1 or 3 you will have to wipe your hard drive and start over fresh.
  4. I think that I am not skill enough to change to so i could use more RAM with 32bit OS. So that leaves me 2 options, to either buy an OEM version or spend 50€ more and get a full retail version. What should I do?
  5. Ov3rdose said:
    I think that I am not skill enough to change to so i could use more RAM with 32bit OS. So that leaves me 2 options, to either buy an OEM version or spend 50€ more and get a full retail version. What should I do?

    Unless you have a pure hatred for Windows 8, I'd hold out and get windows 8 when it comes out rather than getting Windows 7 right now.
  6. If you get a full retail version you'll be able to transfer it to a new PC. Alternatively you can go the Windows 8 route or the trial route and decide later
  7. So a full retail would be better so I could use it on other PC aswell?And does anyone know when Windows 8 might come out ? Also would 8 have something big that 7 doesn't have?
  8. Full retail would be better because it is transferable. As to whether or not you think you'll be transferring it is up to you. Windows 8 is expected to go gold (Release to manufacturing, or RTM) within the next few months and should reach general availability by early fall.

    In terms of features, Windows 7 set the bar so high that Windows 8 will have a hard time offering any real improvements that aren't also available on Windows 7. Improvements of note are:

    new native drivers including USB 3.0 and presumably new chipset and storage controller support. These are pretty pointless since manufacturer drivers are generally better

    ARM processor support, not relevant for desktops

    Live integration

    Built in anti-virus

    Metro UI
  9. I think I will buy a full windows 7 because looks like Windows 8 won`t do any particularly big changes and really don´t want to wait 3 months for it.
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