Use TP-Link router as wireless repeater/extender for Airport Extreme

Does anyone know how to set up a TP-Link modem-router to use as a wireless extender/repeater for an Airport Extreme?
I have this TP-Link modem-router: TP-Link
And this Airport Extreme: Airport Extreme

As a backup plan, would I be able to use this Airport Express model as a wireless extender/repeater for the same Airport Extreme?
Airport Express

Thanks a bunch!
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  1. One of the two has to have a wireless extender/repeater mode. From what I saw the TP link doesn't have such a working mode unfortunately I don't think the Airport does either.
    You could look into the DD-WRT firmware for the TP Link and if there is a compatible version you will be able to use it without any extra hardware...
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