Mislabeled RAM??

Ok...I just received my Corsair value select ram. I ordered 2 sticks of 512MB 400mhz pc3200cas 2.5. The Ram I get is actually made by Samsung which Im ok with since I know Corsair does sell other RAM for their Value line. Anyway I check the Code stamped on the Ram which is K4H560838D-TCC4...I check that Code at the samsung website and this is what I find http://www.samsung.com/Products/Semiconductor/DRAM/DDRSDRAM/DDRSDRAMcomponent/256Mbit/K4H560838D/K4H560838D.htm this line is what has me concerned Read latency 3 (clock) for DDR400 , 2.5 (clock) for DDR333 Looking at this it appears this is Ram that operates at Cas 3 at 400mhz pc3200 and Cas 2.5 at 333mhz pc2700. I ordered 400MHZ PC 3200 CAS 2.5 this is what is on the paper sticker from corsair and what I THOUGHT I ordered. ...is something wrong here is this actually Cas 3 at 400mhz as it appears? Sorry But Im a little inexperienced with this...someone help please.
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  1. Sorry I don't know how to make that Link work
  2. Crucial uses their own pcbs. They may be able to use the chips at a lower cas than samsung. I say e-mail corsair and ask. They have good customer service. What does your bios say the SPD is?

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