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Hi all
I have a Dell i4100 laptop with XP Home connected to a LAN. Even though I am logged on to the network, each time I use Internet Explorer 6, I get this log on screen asking me for the ID and password. As a result I have to leave IE connected to the net all the time to prevent the log on appearing when I start IE again.

I had changed the user authentication to different levels.
It had been set to "Automatic log on only in intranet". I had tried "Automatic log on with current user name and password".
Still the same.

Any ideas?
Dell i4100
384 Mb RAM
40 Gb HDD
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  1. The problem is that XP Home does not support domain login like Pro does. It sounds like your FW is using Windows integrated authentication. Map a drive over to your server in the same domain or FW (if you can) and have XP remember the username and PW. This will allow XP Home to have a set of credentials to try - your local login to the PC doesn't count.

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  2. its a bloody pain, exactly the same when you try and print from XP, asks for a pawwsowd

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  3. Hi guys
    Thanks for the input. I will try that and let u know.

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