I cant install office 2007 for window 7

i try everything i could but i still cant install office 2007 my hardisk is new format, i install window 7 and after sucessfully installed the window 7 (all the necesarry programs ex sound, games etc...)now im having problem installing microsoft office 2007 huh..i have barrowed insteller from my friends and the same thing happen it still did'nt sucessfully install what do you think is the problem?thnx in advance...
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  1. What do you think we are? Mind readers? Did you run Setup.exe from the CD? If so, did the installation start? If it started, did you receive an error message? If you did, what was the error message?

    P.S. And don't post the same problem 3 times!
  2. Grumpy's living up to his name.. ;-)

    But he's absolutely right, you need to tell us exactly what you did and what the resulting error was.
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