Pc crashes when playing games

hi guys i have an issue when i am playing bf3 or others after about 30 minutes pc crashes with red or black screen. and if i dont reset the pc it hangs like that. i check system diag. tool and mem test rams look fine and also i checked tempratue with amd overdrive it look fine board about 35 celcius cpu 32 celcius degree and gpu 68 celcius degree on load.

system: gigabyte 990fxa-ud5 board
amd fx 8350 with Corsair H100
1600mhz 3 x 2 gb corsair ram
cz vertex 3 120gb ssd.
wd 1tb hdd.
saphire amd hd7970 3gb gpu
xileence 1000 watt psu 80%

***sorry if i put the thread wrong place
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  1. it was all about with connectors solved
  2. i have exactly the same problem just cant a find a solution
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