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Installing Windows 7 OEM on 2 machines

So I was thinking, can I install Windows 7 OEM on a hard drive more than once? I'm thinking of changing the essential components (CPU, Graphics Card, Motherboard) but keeping the hard drive the same - I understand that Windows 7 installation ties the activation code to the current hardware configuration.
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  1. if you replace the motherboard, you need to reinstall windows.
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    According to the OEM EULA you are only entitled to install on one machine, in practice if you activate windows on a machine where you've replaced the Motherboard, and provided you no longer have that licence in use on the old machine, activation can usually be achieved via the telephone activation method, it is rarely refused... but if it is you know why!
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    One EULA ....One machine....

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  4. It's been a while since I plowed through the OEM EULA, but essentially the key is tagged to the original motherboard -- all other components are "open game"

    A replacement motherboard is only allowed with instances of failure with the component, and the new product shall not be a Slide-ways Upgrade (if you catch my drift). So. To answer your question:

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