Is Corair worth the price

I am running a P4-2.4Bghz, Asus P4PE and 512mb PC2700 RAMOS CL2.5, i am running it at 355 instead of 333, i however cannot get it to run at CL2, i was just wondering if it was worth to get Corsair pc2700 CL2 modules or Kingston HyperX modules, and if so what would be the performance boost as a percentage?
I am aware that CL=CAS Latency but is the difference in performance noticeable?

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  1. i'd say you're pretty lucky you can run it at 355 instead of 333, since i've never heard of RAMOS ram. did you have to increase the voltage?
    if not, maybe you COULD increase the voltage (to 2.7, say) and get yourself to CL2. it might not work though, some modules just won't do CL2. once again though, i'd say you should be happy just with 355
    the performance difference is not that noticeable (2-3%), so don't worry about buying completely new ram.

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  2. no i left the voltage for the memory, performance, is quite good on the machine i was only wondering because there was quite a buzz about CL2 memory and there is quite a big price gap so i thought it would be high performance difference. RAMOS is kind of those cheapo type memory so i don't think it will run at CL2.
    so its not worth it?, ok then, thx

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  3. Can't tell you the exact boost, but you can see it. I'm similar, XP2400, ASUS A7V8X. I was running 1 dimm 512 Samsung cs 2.5 2700, but I was able to get cs 2.0 timings with my board with it. That is as long as I left the RAM setting @ Optimal in BIOS. Any time I went into Turbo mode even with the RAM timings relaxed, it would crash in games after awhile.

    I happened into a RAM switch 2 weeks ago & got 2 x 256 Kingston Hyper X 2700's. Now I run the RAM timings in Turbo mode with the timings by SPD cs 2.0 @ 2t 2t 2t 6t I believe it is. All of my web & windows & such Pop now, instead of paint a bit. But I could see the difference the minute I switched the timings to Turbo in BIOS. It didn't change my 3Dmark score though. I was fast, but I got faster & now can push this RAM real hard, haven't yet, but can. I don't crash in games anymore either.

    Now I'm trying to wheel & deal to get the A7N8X to use the dimm's on a dual board. That was my whole deal with switching RAM in the first place, to get ready for the Nforce. I am impressed with high quality RAM I must say. It's worth it to me anyway.

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