Dual-channel DDR400 questions ?

Thinking of upgrading (Asus P4C800)... just a couple of questions ?

- Does it require two memory modules (like Rambus)?

- Are there special DDR400 modules for the dual channel or
on the contrary any module should work ?

Regards ... thanks in advance
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  1. 1)it does require two sticks
    2)they make special pre-tested Dual DDR combo packages, and after hearing the headaches of people who have had problems with two identical sticks of ram not working in dual channel, i'd say it's worth it to get a pretested pack (provided the price jump is minor - $10-15 US dollars)

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  2. On pricewatch I'm finding that 1gb tested ddr400 is about $120 more than two 512mb sticks that are untested. What kind of problems have people been having when they use 2 untested sticks?
  3. $120 more?? Uhh... check again, make sure it's the same brand, same type sticks.
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