CL2 and Crucial at DDR400?

I'm gathering info on building a system. I'm planning on buying the new P4 3 Ghz with HT and probably either the Asus MB or or Gigabyte MB. I'm looking to get 2 sticks of 512 DDR400 at CL2.

1. Since I don't plan to OC, should I go with Crucial rather then Corsair?

2. I took a look around and wasn't able to find any Crucial DDR400 that was CL2. Do I need to go with Corsair for CL2?

3. Since I want Dual-channel, how do I know I'm getting 2 matched pairs?

4. Do all DDR400 sticks support Dual-channel?

5. My understanding is that going with 2 DDR400 sticks with CL2 will be the lowest latency and the best speed due to being syched with the 800 FSB motherboard (whichever I decide to get). Any problems with my plans, or any recommendations that I didn't meantion here?

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  1. From what I've read about crucial, I've never seen a CL2 module. Now you may be able to get Crucial at CL2.5 to run at CL2, but it is only rated at 2.5.
    If you want the best/fatsest memory I recommend Corsair. They also make a LL series of XMS which if faster yet. (whether you could tell the difference between CL2 and LL is the question).
    As for dual-channel, the ram is no different than single channel DDR, just that there are 2 sticks instead of 1. You just need to make sure they are equal pairs. Corsair sells matched pairs that are tested to work together.
    A quick look at <A HREF="" target="_new"> googlegear </A> looks like <A HREF="" target="_new"> TWIN </A> packs of 3200LL are $298, <A HREF="" target="_new"> single </A> sticks of 3200LL are $142 ($284 for 2), and <A HREF="" target="_new"> 3200CL2 </A> is $116 ($232 for 2).

    Over at <A HREF="" target="_new"> Newegg </A> crucials 3200 CL3 goes for $115. So unless you can find a much bigger price difference I'd go with the Corsair 3200CL2 for sure, after that its how much do you want to spend.

    I paid about $15 more for my TWIN pair of Coarsair 2700LL, just for the security that it would work.

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  2. Thanks. Thats a lot to spend, but quality is rarely cheap. :)
  3. I use a set of DDR400 XMSLL modules in my A7N8X Deluxe for Athlon XP and they own, even though I run them at only 180MHz FSB. I run them at fastest timings with 1t command rate

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