Belkin g wireless router f5d7234-4 v4 problem

Hello every one,

I have belkin g wireless router f5d7234-4 v4. It was working very fine for long time, but yesterday when i restart router it stop working. I reset the router, no effect. Then I uploaded configure file, one laptop recognized and connect to the router, but one laptop and two mobile can't recognized. Then we re installed the driver, not effect.

One lenovo show only three bars in signal near router. We can't move laptop more than 10 foot from router. In other words strength of the router is low.

Any one has suggestion?
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  1. Try resetting again and re configuring from scratch. There is a chance that the config file may be corrupt. A re-config would solve that.
  2. tried not working :pfff:
    any other suggestions ?
  3. The last thing I can think of is to try changing wireless channel on router, I don't really think it will make a difference but it wouldn't hurt to try. Other than that, maybe you should plan on picking up a new one...
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